Thursday, May 31, 2012

I may use the word "obsessed" too often and should specifically reserve it for pieces like this. The Rory Beca Fishtail Wrap dress. I saw this in one of the boutiques in my neighborhood and bull rushed my way right into the dressing room to try it. Its beautiful. Its like your favorite maxi dress on steroids, but in a good way. It truly is lovely and I think I might have to splurge on this one. The color is perfect!
What do you think??


Unknown said...

Beautiful dress!!!

It reminds me (somewhat) of this dress that I am eying... I love flowy dresses.



Simply Bubblelicious said...

That blue is so pretty. Nothing wrong with a little obsession.

Nuha said...

oh my god, i don't think i'd ever sit down in this dress. i'd keep walking and be like "excuse me people, do you SEE this dress?!"

yes, yes i would

Unknown said...

Love that dress! Such a gorgeous shade of blue :)


Caisa {casa de caisa} said...

omg! gimme! gimme! gimme! haha

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