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Monday, July 09, 2012

I'm starting out this week on the Pumpkin Spot with another guest blogger!  Christa hails from L.A. and is the epitome of Cali style. You can find her over at Fashion or Famine rocking amazing vintage pieces and styling like its her job. I'm so excited she stopped by to share some of her personal summer essentials...
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My Summer Essentials are my definite go to pieces that I wear day in and day out.  I live in L.A., and if you're familiar with the weather here in the summer, or have visited a time or two you know the weather is very hot and sometimes relentless, but I love it!!  So with that in mind these are my essentials.

  • First of all I pretty much live in these cut off vintage Wrangler shorts, they are the perfect color and I can go to the beach or skate in them and then throw heels and a silky top for night and I'm good to go!
  • Second is a colorful or print bustier, I really am into these right now because they are just so easy to wear with skirts, pants, shorts and its so much fun to wear! For me, fashion is really all about having fun with it!
  • Third is my everyday lipstick Tom Ford's true coral, its the perfect color and if I'm not wearing much makeup its my go to.
  • Fourth is a great nail polish for summer, I like to change it up as much as possible and try new things!  My favorite color right now is Bikini so teeny by Essie.
  • Last but not least is a killer statement necklace.  This is an essential for me all year.  I love jewelry and I love the way that a great necklace can make an ordinary tee look phenomonal!

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Cassidy Short said...

love this blog & Fashion or Famine blog - so great!


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