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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

If you follow my blog or visit from time to time, you know I have been traveling a lot recently. We just booked flights home for the holidays, weddings, work things etc, so it doesn't look like its slowing down anytime soon. 

This leads me to travel attire. I did a post on this back in the day (by the way, isn't it weird to read your old posts??) and I still find myself super intrigued by what women choose to wear when they fly. I'm pretty sure I may or may not have seen butt cheek in the Philadelphia Airport last week when walking to my gate. It was a tunic gone terribly wrong. Showing that much leg cannot be comfortable (or cute) especially when sitting for hours on end. 

Here are a few of my fly friendly favorites for traveling this season. 
Short tunics, not included.
fall travel attire

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What do you wear when you travel??

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Emily {Isnt That Charming} said...

Great travel gear choices! I can't believe some of the outfits that people wear to the airport -- it's all about comfort, people, you're flyingggg!

Hilarious about the butt cheek, by the way!
Isn’t That Charming.

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