Yay or Nay: Wedding Videographer

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I'm slowly crossing things off my wedding to-do list. Venue, done. Band and florist, booked. Videographer, ?? What? As I'm reading through my new wedding book, (the Knot Book of Wedding Lists. I definitely suggest it if you're in the market to get married) I stumble on the "videographer" section. I start to panic. Crap, another unforeseen decision that I have to make and soon. Do I want a videographer?

Motion picture filming on a beach
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I have a good friend who swears by a videographer and watches her wedding video a few times a year and on the other hand, a friend who suggests nixing the videographer and spending money elsewhere.

What's your take on a wedding videographer? It seems like it would be rad to watch the best moments of the wedding, but is it worth the money??


Brooke said...

Definitely YES! It is getting close to our anniversary and I just said last night how happy I was that we had it on video! I love our pictures but the video is just so much more fun to look back at!!! Ours is more contemporary- not just video footage, most of it is to music. I am debating sharing it on my blog in a couple weeks, so I will let you know if I do. I would definitely do it - you wont regret!

Anonymous said...

We did not hire a videographer. We had a friend record the ceremony and "highlights" from the reception (entrance, first dance, etc.) It's more cost-friendly and we still have a record of the big moments.

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