Holiday Guest Blogger Series: Witty + Pretty

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bringing it home for the very last installment of the Holiday Guest Blogger Series is Ashley from Witty + Pretty. Ashley is a fellow Delawarean and Atlanta editor of Daily Candy. She is a beauty product professional and is one of the first people to know about must-have products. I stumbled on her blog a month or two ago and haven't stopped reading since. She is not only hilarious, but can be counted on to find the best new vodka cocktail followed by the perfect hangover cure. We are friends now.
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Hello, pumpkins! I’m Ashley from Witty + Pretty and am honored to participate in Becky’s guest post extravaganza as the last blogger before we all go on vacay and get justifiably fat (you know what they say—save the hottest mess for last). I decided to do a spinoff of the Friday 5 lists I do on my blog and share the best and worst 5 things about the holiday season. (And make sure to check out Becky’s awesome bride-to-be wish list on my blog while you’re
wasting timedoing research on the Internet.) Here goes it: The BEST 5 Things About the Holiday Season:
holiday best
1. You are totally justified in A) Drinking every single night of the week, B) Wearing sequins head-to-toe daily (no one knows whether you have a holiday party every night or not), and C) Bingeing on snickerdoodles, cheese balls, eggnog, etc. and gaining 5-7 lbs. in the month of December.
2. Three words: STARBUCKS. HOLIDAY. CUPS. Wait, two more words: With Bailey’s.
3. The three wise men movies: “Elf,” “Home Alone,” and “Love Actually.”
4. Justin Bieber’s Christmas album. Hear me out. Actually, hear HIM rap “Drummer Boy” with Busta Rhymes and croon “Shawty with youuuu, with you under the mistletoe…..” and tell me you’re not a belieber.
5. You get to say, “Hey, so I want (insert Cole Haan Estella boots, Jawbone Jambox, North Face Moto jacket, Lancome La Vie Est Belle, whatever-you-want here)” to a loved one and there’s a good chance you’ll get it (!!!).
And now… The WORST 5 Things About the Holiday Season: enhanced-buzz-24821-1292954171-9

1. You get fat. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but chances are you’re going to pack on something, whether it’s 2 pounds or 27 with a vow to lose it in the new year. Don’t shoot the messenger.
2. Holiday shopping for other people may just be the most stressful thing in life, and if you wait until the last minute to do it, you may actually have a panic attack in a public place.
3. It’s really hard to focus at work when A) You’re hungover, B) Your friends are already on vacation, and/or C) You’re in a sugar coma from raiding the office stash of red and green M&Ms.
4. Taking down the Christmas tree. Not only do you have to UNDECORATE it (how depressing is that?), but getting it out the door is hell on Earth, and then you’re left with a sad, empty space where it used to be and pine needles in your home's crevices for the next six months (or eternity).
5. When all your friends are buying gifts for their significant others, asking you for advice on what to buy their significant others, and doing fun dates like ice skating, drinking hot toddies by fireplaces, and seeing holiday lights, and you’re just like: new girl
Honestly though, there is nothing I hate more (or am worse at) than ice skating. AND I get to spend the money I’d use for a boyfriend’s gift on myself. Okay, so maybe it really is the most wonderful time of year.
And to all a good night,

I hoped you enjoyed the Guest Blogger Series and found a few gifts, new recipes or newfound inspiration for your holiday season. At the very least, you know a few lyrics to one of Bieber's Christmas songs. Bam!

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