Inauguration Style: Beyonce

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Can we talk about Beyonce at the Inauguration for a second? Wow. She looked amazing and not to mention, belted out the National Anthem like it was nobody's business. Beyonce has made some fashion missteps in the past, but this certainly was not one of them. From her hair to her heels, she looked appropriate for the occasion while still looking like music royalty. Speaking of royalty, those jewels!? Lorraine Schwartz, of course. I love the long patterned black dress with the black fur coat over top. Her coral colored nails pop against her skin and effortlessly complement the emerald jewelry. 
We salute you, Beyonce. 
For making it glaringly obvious that while all men are created equal, inauguration outfits are not (see Katy Perry).
Beyonce's dress is Pucci and her coat is Christian Dior.

*All images from Huffington Post style


Anonymous said...

OH my gosh I have been drooling all day! Hear earrings are a reported $1.2 mill! Ummm, what?!

But how amazing is that dress! I mean....
Her voice wasn't too shabby either! :)
Just amazing!


Lauren said...

Such great photos! She looked stunning..and wow those emerald earrings?!?! I love emerald and black..such a great combo xo

Marlen said...

hmm i have to say im not *too* wild about the dress, but i do LOVE those jade earings. seriously, how beautiful are they?! i can imagine how her ears hurt after the day though haha yikes

xo Marlen
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Mrs. Dr. Looze said...

She looked great but I heard a rumor that she lip sung the anthem! What the!? I hope its not true :(

Nuha said...

The emerald baubles are ah-mazing. Plus, can her hairstylist call mine? I want locks like hers!

Chloƫ Eve said...

She looked so stunning!! I love the pop of emerald green agains her dress so pretty!


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