Paisley Pants: Friend or Foe?

Friday, January 04, 2013

Let me start by saying that this year I am making a resolution to embrace pants. I don't mean jeans, but actual pants. Trousers, brocade, maybe some leather, but not jeans. While flipping through the January edition of Glamour, I came across a trends section dedicated to paisley. A featured pair of Club Monaco paisley pants caught my eye, but had me second guessing my love for the squiggle print. Do I still like love paisley? I'm not sure if its the boldness of the print or the bright color, but I can't decide if a bright paisley pant is in my future. I definitely don't plan on ditching the print completely, but I think I might be more appreciative of paisley in a more muted form (this scarf is amazing). 
What do you think? Would you wear these pants??
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OBM.cle said...

I'm usually of the mindset that you can wear anything as long as you are confident. However, pants with printthe only exception to my rule. Unless you are > 5'9" and < 100lbs I really think they are the hardest things to look flattering on most body types.

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