Destination: Tulum, Mexico

Friday, February 08, 2013

Tulum, Mexico
Damn I wish it were me going to Tulum next week.
 However, it's not me jetting off to this amazing ruin paradise, but one of my best friends Melinda. We were chatting on the phone this week saying how much we both wish we could get a day scheduled to shop for her upcoming trip to Mexico. Mel only lives two hours from me, but our schedules are so crazy and its looking nearly impossible that we'll meet up before her trip. This gave me a great idea. Why not put together a collage inspired by her trip?

I immediately started scouring my favorite sites + brands for pieces I know she would love and that would be perfect for her lush escape.

Here is what I found + all are under $150!

An amazing cover-up that transitions right from the beach to the beach bar.
Bright jewelry that can be worn with absolutely anything.
A go-to maxi dress.
 Beautiful tops to wear out at night.
A sensational skirt.
A great suit and a chic sandal.
The perfect mini cross body bag (on sale).
Tulum, Mexico via this site.

Have fun Mel!
Not jealous at all...

Are you going somewhere tropical? Shop my finds here.


Alex Carreno said...

Take me there ASAP!! I'll take one each of the maxi, bikini and tunic please! Happy Friday xox

Mrs. Dr. Looze said...

Good Morning Beckster! I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. Check it out :)

ali v. said...

two one-way tickets to Tulum for us?! YES PLEASE. xoxo {av}

Brooklyngal said...

Great picks, especially love the earrings and necklace!


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