Monday, April 01, 2013

When the lovely Mary of M.A.S Fashion tagged me in her post, "Five Things" I was pretty excited + a little nervous. I think its interesting to read more about the bloggers that I follow on a daily basis + I especially loved reading more about MaryAV & Christin
Here are "five things" you may not know about me.

I am a huge sports fan. 
I played soccer in college + as a kid I was a total tomboy. I am a hardcore Philadelphia Eagles + Phillies fan, but will watch anything sports-related. I'm totally engrossed in March Madness right now and praying my bracket will survive the upsets! 
*I'm going to spare you here and not post a picture of me playing soccer as a kid. Lucky you.

I am engaged! 
We are getting married back on the east coast this fall + I feel like the luckiest girl alive. 
This is a shot of us hiking in Scottsdale, AZ, which leads me to....

I love to travel. 
If there is an opportunity to go anywhere, I'm in. I've been to some amazing places, but if I had to pick my favorite, it would be Amalfi, Italy. It will take your breath away.
*This is a picture I took from our hotel on the Amalfi coast.

I have a three-legged cat. 
 Joshie is not your average feline. He loves water, chases deer in the backyard, and has survived getting hit by a car (the reason behind the missing limb). He's more of a cat-dog + we love him. I'm going to stop here before you never visit my blog again. 

Maxi dresses are my thang. 
If I could wear one everyday, I would. I think they are universally flattering and so easy-to-wear. I'm currently lusting after this one.

I'm tagging these fine ladies to join in on the fun---> Ashley, Jessica, Jaclyn, Whitley & Nicole
**If you decide to post, be sure to tweet or tag me!
Good luck.


Cassidy Short said...

Such sweet photos! And what a darling cat :) I agree with the maxi dresses, can't wait to get some this summer!


Modern Musings said...

I'll be right over to meet your cat. I'm totally a crazy cat lady. (But only for cats that think they're dogs.)
That pic of you two hiking is amazing, btw!

Ashley said...

I do love me a maxi dress as well.

Congrats on being engaged! What part of the east coast are you two getting married?

navy and orange said...

great photos

xoxo navy & orange

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