Spending Freeze Favorites

Monday, April 15, 2013

Spending Freeze Favorites

It's time for me to initiate a serious spending freeze.
After our amazing trip to Key West and this purchase (I scored it on sale for 40% off!), its time for me to pump the brakes on any frivolous spending.

In spirit of this freeze, I have put together six items that are guilt-free for anyone trying to watching their pennies. Technically its not a true freeze if you spend money, but let's be realistic. If there is something that catches your eye + priced really well, its OK to pull the trigger. Am I right?

All these items are perfect for Spring + Under $100!
The Anthropologie earrings are my favorite and at $20, they are a must-have. The sandals also rock my world. Yellow + ankle detailing = amazing.
I lied a little when I said everything was under $100. The Madewell dress is technically over budget at $104.99, but it's such a great dress that it had to be included.
I know you understand.

Shop my Favorites + More for Under $100!


Jaclyn Schler said...

Oh shoot... I love that Madewell dress. Standard.

Elle said...

I'm on a no clothes spending ban but somehow that just encourages me to shop for beauty products and shoes haha. I love those sandals!

elle [wonderfelle world]

Unknown said...

That clutch is absolute perfection, and such a steal!

xx Cara

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