The Good Style Fashion Show

Monday, May 13, 2013

Last Thursday, I hit up the Good Style Fashion show with my friend Kimberly. The show featured local bloggers who designed collections from Goodwill pieces. The looks ranged from every day wear to those inspired by an exotic Moroccan holiday. Not only did I go for the fashion, but my gorgeous friend Jaclyn modeled in the show and I wasn't about to miss that.
It was amazing to see how these bloggers or better yet, designers, constructed cohesive looks only using thrifted finds from Goodwill. It was inspiring to see all the creativity and passion put on by these ladies and it makes me want to pay a visit to my local Goodwill store. Immediately. 
Scroll through the photos and you'll see what I mean...
Jaclyn wearing one of the looks from "Moroccan Holiday" by Dina
Total cost of this look: $10. 
Backstage with the models from "Stripes and Florals" by Rachel Breece-Stith.
The stripe + floral combinations are absolute perfection.
I love this maxi skirt + embellished bikini top by Dina from "Moroccan Holiday".
Total cost: $10. You must be kidding.
Pretty Woman never looked so good.
Total cost: $9.50
From: "Audrey Hepburn" by Stacia Momany
Lovely blue dress + pink bag from the "Audrey Hepburn" collection by Stacia Momany
This is one of my favorite looks of the night.
Dapper look from "Every Day, Every Wear" by Lyndsey Marie
You can't go wrong with a man in suspenders.
I can't get enough of this mint skirt + striped top.
Total cost: $16
From: "Stripes and Florals" by Rachel Breece-Stith
Whimsical photo from the "Stripes + Florals" collection. Check out the floral crowns on these girls by Sarah. So gorgeous.
Dina's dress is also from Goodwill. Can I have that?
I wore my favorite new necklace (similar) from Furbish Studio + Anthropologie blouse to the show.

I had a fantastic time + be sure to scope out the bloggers behind the collections here:
Dina Younis at Dina's Days
Lyndsey Marie at A Lovely Little Blog
Jillian Siegel + Laura Greenwald at Upstairs Fashion
Jessica Noelle at Midwest Muse
Christina Phillis at The Cosmopolitan Clevelander
Shalida Ann at The Fashion Wheel
Stacia Momany at Free to be Stacia Lee
Rachel Breece-Stith at For the Birds

When is the next show?!


Maria said...

This looked AMAZING! I would love to go to the next one! What a fantastic idea and a great way to get bloggers together. Love!

Anonymous said...

Photos look fantastic! you really captured the spirit of the whole event and showcased some of my favorite looks! Hope to see you at the next event :)

Rachel said...

Love all your pictures!! Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed the show - I loved it! Your necklace is gorgeous, by the way! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds Blog / Vintage Store Credit Giveaway!)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the shout out on the flower crowns! It was nice meeting you at the show (I love that necklace!)

Thanks again :)

Stacia Momany said...

Becky thanks for sharing my collection! It was such a great time! Are you going to the Noto show?

Anonymous said...

Jaclyn's outfit is to die for! I need to spend more time at Goodwill, clearly! This looked like a fun night, hopefully they have more soon so I can go next time :)

Anna said...

You took some really great photos! I was sitting further back, so mine aren't so nice. Thanks for sharing!

Dina's Days said...

Thanks for capturing the night and stopping by backstage. I borrowed a couple of your photos and linked back to this post. You look classy as always!

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