Wedding Tables: Long or Short?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Images: Style Me Pretty / Acacia Ridge / this website / this tumblr / Style Me Pretty

I'm knee deep in wedding planning and its time to make some decisions on the tables. I have flipped through my fair share of bridal magazines and I have to say, I love long wedding tables. They are so modern and elegant + a great variation from traditional round tables. Word on the street is that they can make it tricky for seating arrangements and spacing...
I can't decide between pulling the trigger on long tables or making it easier and choosing rounds.
What do you think?
Did you have different size + length tables at your wedding?
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Unknown said...

I had circles, and I loved it because it was more intimate for guests and easiest for the waiters to navigate. But these long tables are beautiful too! Whatever you decide I'm sure it'll look fabulous!
grey et al

OBM.cle said...

Agree with above ^^ while the long tables are to die for look-wise...the wedding comes down to experience & I think round helps promote a better ambiance for the party aspect.

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

We aren't having a formal dinner, so I am excited to embrace long farm tables during our cocktail hour reception! Love love love this look! Good luck deciding!
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Chelsea Mac said...

We had the circular ones, but if I could do it all over again, I'd do the long ones. I love the look of them and it's definitely unique.

Haute Child in the City

Stacia Momany said...

I think long ones are more modern and updated. It seems more personal too.

Elle said...

We had both!! I loved the look of long tables as well but it didn't make the most sense for our space and the number of people.. so we essentially had long tables along either side of our dance floor and round tables along the ends and around our sweetheart table. It worked out perfectly!

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