Eye Candy: Warby Parker's Ocean Avenue Collection

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Looking for your new favorite pair of eye glasses + sunglasses this summer? 
Let's scope out Warby Parker's brand spankin' new Ocean Avenue Collection, shall we?

Warby Parker is making waves and catching the eyes of stylish men + women everywhere who want a more modern look without paying a ridiculous price. If you know the name then you're aware of their chic, well-made frames, and socially responsible mission. If not, what you need to know is that Warby Parker offers kick-ass glasses starting at $95. They also provide a pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair sold.
I can certainly get down with that.

Given that I am almost legally blind without contacts or glasses, I'm always on the hunt for a cool pair that won't cost me the price of the next bag or shoe I want to buy. Just being honest. 
I love a good tortoise frame and I'm especially smitten with the Percey in Burnt Lemon.
How rad are these frames?

The Ocean Avenue Collection is inspired by a summer filled with fun + mischief on the infamous Coney Island in New York. The collection flaunts whimsical colors such Sea Glass Blue, Driftwood, Orange Fizz, and Chocolate Soda. I want to wear every single one of these shades this summer, but here are a few on my summer wish-list.

Jasper in Newsprint

I'm dreaming about wearing the Sayles frames in Driftwood with a maxi dress + a cold beverage in hand.
Who's with me?
Shop the entire Ocean Avenue Collection here.
It's literally too cool for school.
Disclaimer: I was contacted directly by Warby Parker to help promote the Ocean Avenue Collection. All images are from the Warby Parker website + all opinions are my own.


DJrelAt7 said...

I'm with you! What are we drinking lol

David said...

Winston is for me.

Melinda Albertson said...

I'll take one of each please!

Love Glasses said...

This was a very informative hub. GlassesShop.com and Warbyparker are two great online glasses websites that you can trust on.

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