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Monday, July 01, 2013

Let's talk about wedding day hair for a hot second.
top knot bridal hair
top knot wedding hair
Tomorrow is a big day. 
I'm having my hair + makeup trial done for my wedding and I just cannot decide on a style. Should I pull my hair (bangs included) all the way up into a chic top knot or keep the side sweep going and do a sleek chignon?

wedding day hair with bangs
wedding day chignon
michelle williams chignon
I've been rockin the side swept bang since college and I can't imagine not having it on my wedding day. I'm so torn between the two styles. Both are elegant and sophisticated, but which is best for the big day? Do I go with something completely new and own the top knot or pick the chignon and wear the bangs down as I would any other day?

My biggest fear. The greasy, over-sprayed, over-styled bang. On my wedding day, I would die.

top knot wedding day hair
Decisions, Decisions......
What would you do?
Bangs + chignon or top knot?
Photos from top to bottom:


Anonymous said...

I vote bangs and chignon, but both are lovely.

OBM.cle said...

The Michelle Williams look is what I would go for...romantic & gorgeous.

Jaclyn Schler said...

Keep the bangs! Chignon. It's so you.


Megan Finstein said...

Becky! I have the perfect compromise... Chignon for the wedding (duh) and the top bun for the rehearsal dinner!! That way you can rock both looks!! A friend did this and she looked amaz for both events!



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