Wedding Makeup: What's Too Much??

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Let's talk about wedding makeup for a hot second. 

How many of you ladies that are married went with something drastically different than your normal makeup routine on your wedding day? 
I'm guessing not too many of you, but this is exactly why I am writing this post. I'm kinda clueless and wedding makeup is harder than I expected it to be.

My daily makeup routine consists of mascara, translucent powder, blush plus or minus a bright lip. I have always heard, "You need more makeup on your wedding day for all the photos" and "You'll look too plain without a lot of makeup". Although I agree that the makeup needs to last, does this mean you need to cake it on? I'm down with some false eye lashes, but all the foundation and liquid makeup makes me slightly nervous. Natural is better in my book and I still want to look like myself on the big day.

Please feel free to drop any advice.
Is it that much better to go full throttle with makeup or is less more for the wedding day??

Doesn't Miranda Kerr look amazing in this photo?


Ally Harding said...

For my wedding I knew I wanted to look like myself just better. I had professional makeup done as a trial run before the wedding and absolutely hated it. It wasn't me and I didn't feel pretty like you should on your wedding day. I had a friend who did my makeup for my bachelorette party and I loved it so I asked her to do my eye makeup and I can do my face. So I used my everyday foundation, blush and bronzer and she put fake eyelashes on me and did my eye makeup. It was exactly what I wanted. It was still me. I hate it when you see girls on their wedding day and they look like a different person. It's funny you put a picture of Miranda up bc I've always loved how the VS models wear their makeup. They never look overdone. Just fresh and gorgeous. So that was the inspiration for my wedding makeup. You definitely want more makeup than everyday for your wedding pictures. That's my lengthy two cents!

Christina, Esq. said...

I did my basic palette with the addition of black liner (instead of day to day brown), added some super lush mascara, and added a more rich lip (rather than my usual nude clinique shade). I was happy with it- a little something extra to make you feel 'special'but in your comfort zone (ie usual color choice perhaps).

enjoy this special time!!

kodi_jo said...

As a wedding photographer, we recommend and recommend and recommend a makeup artist. Whatever look you're going for -- they have the skills to nail it, and help you look your best in pictures and in person. You'll probably want to do a bit of research to get a great person, but the extra $50-$100 so you look amazing? Totally worth it. Enjoy the planning process!

Jessica @ Here&Now said...

My ideas for wedding day make up - my usual routine + an extra oomph for eyes and lips for photographing purposes. But nothing that you will feel uncomfortable in.. you still want to feel like YOU... and you will shine regardless!


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