White After Labor Day is Okay

Monday, September 09, 2013

White after labor day is okay
White after labor day is okay
White after labor day is okay
White after labor day is okay

This rad sleeveless linen blazer I snagged from Banana is such a perfect layering piece. I have worn it over dresses with a skinny belt, but my favorite way to wear it is with boyfriend shorts + jeans. There is zero chance that I'm putting it away simply because its "after Labor Day". 
Negative ghost rider.

Do you wear white after Labor Day too?


Nadine said...

Definitely just wore white this past weekend with no qualms about it! Glad to see you're breaking the rules too :)

Jaclyn Schler said...

Love this vest on you! Great find. Hope your Bachelorette weekend was amazing!


Alex Carreno said...

White after labor day is definitely okay! Love winter whites too :) xx

Rachael said...

Definitely - even winter white is one of my favorite things! What a great snag on the sleeveless blazer, it looks great!

Unknown said...

Ummm......always, yes, 100%. I think white might be even better after labor day :) Love the look! xx

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