Sandal Fetish: Marais USA

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

sandal fetish marais usa

Anyone else craving a good summer sandal? Look no further than Marais USA (also here). I have a pair of their wedges from a few years ago and they are by far one of the most comfortable and classic pair I have in my closet. Their current sandal collection is making it impossible for me to decide which pair to snag because I really love them all.

If you twisted my arm, I would scream out that my favorite is probably the Jitney Sandal. They have the tiniest 1" cork wrapped heel that will complement any summer look you have planned. The rock candy color is perfect. In a very close second, the Jelly Sandal in apple vichy. These are ideal for lazy summer days and lounging on the beach.

Never heard of 'em? Marais USA was created by Haley Boyd, who successfully married the practicality of a New Yorker with the sophistication of the Parisienne – in a shoe. The name comes from the famed district in Paris, Le Marais, where the streets are lined with beautiful architecture and there is no shortage of cultural significance (le sigh). You can always count on Marais USA for a classic shoe with a twist that won't break the bank.

Now, let us shop.

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Chelsea Mac said...

The design of these sandals are gorgeous! I love the thoughtful design & meaningful nature of the name.

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