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Thursday, January 15, 2015

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This is my first product round-up of the year and no surprise, it's all basics. I have been pretty good so far this year about selling clothes on my Threadflip closet or donating. I know we've heard it all before, but this year I am really going to try and focus on less is more. 

One of my goals is to try and focus on pieces that I love versus buying pieces that I like. Who doesn't love a good stripe shirt, but do I really need three of them? Let's be honest, I have over four. I'd rather own one or two that will wash well, fit perfectly, and stand the test of time. I am by no means advocating to buy the most expensive things, but just think a little harder about what I buy. Let's start with a few of my favorites...

The Black Boyfriend Blazer. Blazers are universally essential. I wear my navy boyfriend blazer roughly 250 days out of the year, but I have been eyeing a black one forever. This Laveer Boyfriend Blazer is an investment piece, but it's the only one you will ever need.

A Silk White Blouse. I have a few in my closet, but I'm still on the hunt for that perfect drapey white blouse that isn't see-through. There are millions of white blouses out there, but when you find one that fits perfectly and the price point works, it's magic.

An updated Little Black Dress. I love a good A-line LBD, but why not branch out from this typical silhouette? I love the chiffon sleeves on this Vince Raglan Dress and how easy it would be to wear. Looking for one too? You're bound to find one that you love from this selection of Black Dresses.

It's impossible to talk about less-is-more without mentioning Everlane. I am in love with this loafer, silk blouse, and grey tee. They are all amazing price points and if you haven't shopped them yet, it's about time you head over.

What are your style resolutions for the New Year?


Annie Reeves said...

Everlane - YES! I really am so impressed with their business and strategy. Amazing!

Annie Reeves

Joyce Novacek said...

I love Everlane! I hardly ever shop online (because I am a cavewoman) but Everlane is my favorite.

Also, this post reminds me of Minimalism, my new favorite concept :) It's all about finding joy from pursuing less instead of pursuing more.

Great post!!
Joyce Novacek

Meghan @ Hayes Days said...

Less is more is hard to do. As much as I try to make an effort to do so, sometimes I end up with closet duplicates and too many of this and not enough of that, especially if I really like something!

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