Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Photo by Ariana Clare

The time has come for a cleanse. A spending cleanse. For the entire month of February, I vow not to spend any money on clothing. Zero. February is a great month for a closet clean out and to reassess what can stay and what needs to go. All my outfits for this coming month will be remixed from my closet, which I'm hoping will allow me to find some old friends that may have been forgotten. 

#NoSpendFeb is open to anyone and I'd love you to join me. If you are down with not spending any money this month on clothes and shoes (sorry), just hashtag your look with #NoSpendFeb and tag me on social media (here and here) so that I can follow along. #NoSpendFeb will be a lot more fun with friends, so take the plunge and join me. Be sure to follow Jaclyn and Katie as they will also be remixing looks from their closets all month for #NoSpendFeb.

Product collages and Pick of the Week will continue in February because although I won't be shopping, I'll be stalking my favorites for Spring of course.

Hope you join me and see you on Friday,

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