The Best Vests Under $130

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

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I recently got an email from a girlfriend asking me to help her find an affordable vest. She's looking for something long and sleeveless that won't break the bank. Not only did I think that it would be fun to shop for her, but why not create a post out of the idea and share all the vests with you? I'm still on the #NoSpendFeb bandwagon, but that doesn't mean you are...

All of the vests above are under $130 (most are under $100). Any of these would be a kick ass addition to your closet, but my favorite is the TOPSHOP Belted Duster. I'm praying this doesn't sell out before March 1st. The Sleeveless Longline Jacket is perfect for Spring and another one of my favorites. If you want to steal a vest, take a peek at the Sheinside Black Sleeveless Vest for $25. I'm not sure it gets any better than that.

Staying true to my sleeveless outerwear addiction, I'll be doing another post on vests next week. This post will include the vests of my dreams. You might want to hide your wallet.


Jaclyn Schler said...

Vest game is strong, girl. Love that one from Sheinside. What a steal! (Only a week and a half left of #NoSpendFeb!)


Meghan @ Hayes Days said...

The navy one is my favorite. I love the thought of a long vest, but I definitely feel like it's slightly more trendy (and a little dressier) than my style.

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