Pick of the Week: Target Sandals

Friday, March 06, 2015

Run, don't walk to your local Target. These gold sandals are super cool and only $24.99. I'm picturing these with a long white maxi dress poolside in the summer. Definitely cocktail in hand. They remind me a little bit of these sandals, but for a tenth of the price. They come in three colors, but the gold color is the clear standout. While you're at it, check out these sandals too. Strong work, Target.


Annie Reeves said...

I wore mine for the first time this week!!! Obsessed. GO TARGET.


Joyce Novacek said...

You know one awesome thing about target? They carry size 11's!! :)

Irrelevant for most people, but for some people, all-important.

Hope you're having fun skiing!!!


Jaclyn Schler said...

Such a great find. Target's shoe game is on-point lately.


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