Pilcro Jeans

Monday, June 01, 2015

Photos by Ariana Clare
Shirt: J.Crew / Jeans: Pilcro at Anthropologie / Heels: Saks Fifth Avenue Black / Bag: Vintage / Sunglasses: Gucci

We all have our go-to most comfortable pair of jeans. Mine are these straight leg Pilcro jeans that I've had for ages. I always reach for these on days when I need a comfy straight leg jean with some real stretch to it—you know what I mean. The Pilcro line is great. Most of these run under $150 and you can always find a great selection on sale too. I also own a pair of Pilcro chinos and I have yet to find a better pair.  

Go try these on the next time you're on a hunt for denim. This pair is my favorite right now.

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Jaclyn Schler said...

Love these jeans with those heels - perfect!


Annie Reeves said...

These look great on you! I love hearing of a new denim line. It's easy to get stuck in a rut!

Annie Reeves

Joyce Novacek said...

Great pics! I need to check these jeans out. I do this thing wear I essentially wear one pair of jeans at a time (oops!) and my "current" pair is getting worn out!


Meredith Morgan said...

I have wanted to try these jeans. I am loving the Pilcro Superscript highwaisted jeans. In your experience do they run true to size? Do they stretch out alot? I have read the reviews, but don't see any answers to those questions. Love to hear your feedback! Love your blog. It is definitely one of my 'go-tos' each day.

Unknown said...

Hey Meredith--
In my experience all the Pilcro runs true to size. I have not tried the high-waisted pair on myself, but plan on trying them this week. My Pilcro jeans have a good amount of stretch to them, which is why I love them as an everyday jean. Thanks for the kind words about my blog-much appreciated! Shoot me an email and I can get back to you after I try them on.

Andrea said...

I love Pilcro, unexpectedly one of my favorite lines!

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