Doen Maxi Dress

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

 Guys, you know that I essentially live in maxi dresses, but now that I'm expecting number two, I've sworn off shorts forever. I couldn't be happier with this Doen Basil Dress that I ordered a few weeks ago.

The thistle print is beautiful and it's so light and breezy that you won't even notice it's pushing ninety degrees (and humid as all hell). You can easily wear this dress out—dinners, drinks, whatever. My speed these days is more drive-thru coffee and Target, but you better believe I've got this dress on.
If you're expecting too, this dress is definitely "bump-friendly" as they say. It's got plenty of room in the middle and nothing is better than a beautiful maxi dress that you can wear pre and post pregnancy. I've also been living in these Embroidered Soludos Sandals. So comfortable and the fringe detail is pretty sweet.

I'm getting a new online space verrrrry soon and I'm quite excited. It'll be much cleaner and simple than the current site. I'd love your feedback on what you guys like the most—style, travel, etc? I know posts have been sporadic, but I'm trying to get some sort of grove going and get a regular post schedule down. Leave me a comment below, on instagram, a lil tweet or on facebook and tell me what you like the best (or is there other content that you'd be interested in). I've got more dresses coming your way too, so stay tuned.


Jaclyn Schler said...

Girl, you look stunning! Love those earrings.


Unknown said...

Hi wondering what size you are wearing? The website says they run small in the bust?

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